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Vusal Karimov



About me

As a forward-thinking marketing, customer service, CRM expert with a rich background in brand management and strategic development, I bring a comprehensive expertise in utilizing technology to fuel growth across retail and e-commerce sectors. My fervent pursuit of digital innovation has spearheaded successful marketing campaigns that not only shattered expectations but also significantly elevated market presence and revenue streams. My unique ability to marry strategic foresight with actionable execution has been instrumental in amplifying brand visibility, engagement, and loyalty, thereby cementing company’s formidable market position and driving sustained growth..


08.01.2024 - Present


Future of Marketing (Community, non-commercial)

Led monthly discussions with market experts to explore AI's impacts on marketing. Provided consultancy in traditional and digital marketing, CRM, and loyalty strategies. Organized community events to foster industry engagement and knowledge sharing.


Head of CRM&CX Unit / Marketing dep

“Baku Electronics” LLC

Developed and optimized CRM systems, implemented automated analysis processes, and planned marketing budgets. Executed targeted campaigns, including personalized loan and referral campaigns. Enhanced e-commerce sales and customer experience systems. Led the creation and optimization of new loyalty programs, managed community engagement initiatives, and oversaw a team to drive customer experience improvements.


Digital Marketing Consultant

“Rossmann Azerbaijan” LLC

Managed brand development and digital marketing strategy, including Google business verification. Executed Google and Meta ad campaigns, and utilized tools like Google Analytics and Data Studio for performance analysis and strategic adjustments.


PPC, SEO Consultant

“Jetex” LLC

Directed SEO strategy management, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic growth. Developed comprehensive SEO plans to improve search engine rankings and user engagement.


Head of Digital Marketing Unit/ Marketing dep

“OBA Market” LLC

Led the development of digital loyalty programs and managed the PL brand. Optimized mobile app processes and functionalities, executed e-commerce strategies, and verified digital presence on platforms like Facebook and Google. Implemented SEO strategies, developed mobile app lottery business processes, managed CJM optimization, and managed a team to drive digital marketing efforts.


Head of Marketing Unit / Marketing & Business development dep

166 Transportation and logistics, 166 Cleaning service, 156 Towing

Developed 166.az functionalities, managed loyalty programs and brand development, and executed both digital and traditional marketing strategies. Led business development initiatives and oversaw PR activities to enhance brand reputation and market presence.


Digital Marketing Manager / Marketing unit

FoxExpress Transportation and Towing, FoxRental

Developed a mobile app for transportation services, crafted and implemented digital marketing strategies, and managed both digital and traditional marketing efforts. Enhanced e-commerce operations and executed digital PR campaigns.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Startup Grind Baku-Google Entrepreneur

Developed digital marketing strategies and managed social media marketing efforts to boost brand awareness and engagement within the startup community.


Digital Marketing Manager - Internship

ANAS High Technologies Park

Developed digital marketing strategies and managed social media marketing for startups, focusing on brand development and market penetration.

01.06.2017- Present

Fire Marshall

Formula 1

Ensured fire safety by conducting regular inspections, monitoring fire signals and equipment, and leading emergency response teams. Provided immediate assistance during fire evacuations, managed firefighting coverage for vehicular fires on the circuit, and worked to prevent vehicular fires.


Digital Marketing Manager

Kimyafobiya (edu.gov.az)

Managed SEO efforts and utilized Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Data Studio to analyze and improve digital marketing performance.

02.07.2015-04.09.2015, 02.08.2017-14.09.2017

9th grade Chemical Engineer (intern)

SOCAR (State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic - Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery)

Conducted material balance calculations and process control for catalytic cracking and reforming reactors, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and safety. Participated in reactor unit process control and optimization.


Production Engineer

Ulduz Chocolate Factory

Controlled production parameters, optimized processes for efficiency, managed teams, and participated in the development of new products. Conducted quality control for raw materials and products, troubleshooting during production processes, and prepared detailed reports on production metrics.





Online education: Edx.org

2012 - 2016

Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering

Baku State University

GPA: 91.45

2016 - 2018

Master Degree in Petrochemistry

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

GPA: 97.48



Google tools

Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Ads, AdSense, Firebase, Search Console


Yandex tools

Webmaster, Direct


Task management

Bitrix24, Jira, Slack, Trello, Miro


Broadcast advertising

Tv, Radio


Traditional advertising

OOH, Guerilla, Printing



Opencart, Shopify, CS-Cart, WordPress



Microsoft dynamics 365, Salesforce, Bitrix24



SAP, Uyum, Logo Tiger, 1C


Social Media

Meta (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) and Linkedin: Ads, Analytics, Bulk messages



Power BI, SQL, SPSS, SAS, Tableau, Excel, MS Access



Photoshop, Animate, Premiere Pro, Audition


Spark AR Studio

AR effect and games


14 May 2015


Scholarship winner

20 May 2016


Scholarship winner